Randall Lubin, Stage Lighting & Video

International graduate Randall Lubin completed the Stage Lighting & Video Diploma Program in April 2018 and has since become an in-demand live-events professional. He’s applied his diverse skill-set to a range of jobs including positions as Lead Lighting Technician, Lead Video Technician, Lighting Designer (LD), Stage Hand, and everything in between. Randall has spent the past six months expanding his professional networks in both Saint Lucia and Ontario by working events including the Toronto 2018 Auto Show, Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival, Burlington’s Ribfest 2018, Afrofest 2018, and the Soleil Saint Lucia Summer Festival.   

ln reflecting on his program and work experience so-far, Randall spoke to us about the benefits of being flexible and reliable in the live events industry, “Though my course focused on Lighting and Video, our main lecturer Mr. Andy Linden [L.D] always reminded us that a business opportunity can take you anywhere, so it is important to have the right attitude … ‘your work ethic is your business card.’” 

Now that he has spent some time applying his skills in the industry, we asked Randall “What has been the most helpful aspect of your Metalworks Education?” and this is what he had to say:  

“Between learning the skills to become a good Lighting Video Technician and [advice on] building a name for yourself, I would say the most helpful aspect of my Metalworks education was learning how to network within the production community. It continues to be a great experience and I am thankful for all the relationships built.” 

Randall then finished up our interview by offering some excellent advice to current students “When it comes to advice, I am always asking for more of it from professionals in the business. I can say this, be early, be show time ready, leave all egos at the door, and keep a good attitude!” 


The Stage Lighting & Video program explores the artistry of lighting and video design and operation, for a wide variety of live applications, such as concerts, theater productions, broadcast, trade shows, theme parks, cruise ships, resorts, corporate events, product launches and award ceremonies. Students acquire practical hands-on experience in all aspects of lighting and video technologies and explore how, where and why to apply these skills through study of conceptual and artistic applications.  Lighting and video play an integral part in our overall perception and appreciation of live shows and as a result the technologies are changing at an unprecedented pace resulting in the need for new highly skilled and creative designers and operators.