Alumni Update: Gregg Pratt, Professional Sound (Audio Specialist)

Since graduating from the Professional Sound (Audio Specialist) Program at Metalworks Institute, Gregg Pratt has had a number of different opportunities come his way. Throughout 2016, Gregg worked several freelance jobs for Berkwood Entertainment (led by MWI instructor Joe Natale), which included working as a FOH (Front of House) assistant, system installations, and FOH mixer. Gregg also worked freelance jobs for Keswick, Ontario’s local music store, Connor’s Music, who are responsible for Georgina’s annual Music in the Streets festival, as well as supplying audio for most local events, such as the Sutton Fair and Stephen Leacock Theatre events.

In December of 2016, Gregg began working at Quest Audio Visual, an AV company based out of Scarborough, ON. At Quest, he started out as a warehouse technician, where he would maintain the inventory of video, lighting, and audio equipment. He would test all of the equipment once it was returned, and troubleshoot any issues that arose.

Gregg was then promoted from warehouse technician to show technician, where he operates all audio, lighting, and video equipment on site for Quest’s clients. He has overseen the event production at venues such as Steam Whistle Brewery, Pearson International Airport, and Toronto Botanical Gardens.

This past June, Gregg landed a second job at Rebel Nightclub/Cabana Poolbar as a Sound/Lighting MC. His duties at Rebel/Cabana are to set up audio/lighting equipment for events, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. He troubleshoots any issues that may arise with equipment, and ensure that the artist is content and taken care of.

Balancing both jobs with Quest and Rebel, Gregg notes that “…it may be a lot of work and crazy hours, but I am having a lot of fun with both jobs, and gaining an incredible amount of experience in the entertainment industry.”

As well as working in the live show production industry full-time, Gregg remains focussed on producing and mixing music everyday. He continues to practice his craft, and work towards accomplishing his goals as a music producer.

“I am very thankful for the connections that I have made throughout my time spent at Metalworks Institute, and I am glad to see that the hard work I put into my schooling is beginning to pay off in the music industry.”


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