Student Recognition Entrance Scholarship

Metalworks Institute applicants who have graduated from a Canadian secondary school having achieved a final academic average of 80% or higher, and meet the terms and conditions of the scholarship, are awarded the Student Recognition Entrance Scholarship according to the following values:

Final Academic Average
95% or higher – Scholarship value of $1000
90% to 94.9% – Scholarship value of $700
80% to 89.9% – Scholarship value of $500


To be eligible for consideration, applicants must:
– Complete the registration process for one of Metalworks Institute’s full time diploma programs;
– Submit a completed application for the Student Recognition Entrance Scholarship;
– Submit a final and official transcript from a recognized Canadian secondary school prior to the start of the academic year.

The final academic average is calculated using an applicant’s best six Ontario Grade 12 U/M courses or Canadian provincial equivalent. Excluding the Slaight Family Scholarship, the Entrance Scholarship can be combined with others offered by Metalworks Institute.