Student News: Metalworks Institute Students and Rush!

On Saturday September 27th 2014, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee of Rush teamed up for their third installment of their Grapes Under Pressure 3 – Excellent Harvest Adventure. This initiative is in support of Grapes for Humanity Global Foundation. Proceeds for this event went directly to rebuilding health care facilities in the Philippines which have been damaged by the Haiyan Typhoon. This year, Metalworks Institute students Christopher Hamel, Katie Morris and Matthew MacKinnon volunteered to help guide guests and assist the days event coordinators where needed.

The mission for Grapes for Humanity Global Foundation is to raise funds to benefit humanitarian causes around the world with the assistance of the international wine community. The focus of the foundation is to provide a better quality of life for victims and survivors of disasters and personal tragedies, thus helping these victims become self-sufficient citizens of the world.