Event Recap: Vocal Day – Sunday November 20th, 2011

Vocal Day, featured vocal clinics, studio tours and performances

Thank you to all for attending Vocal Day on Sunday. There were many great performances by our Music Performance and Technology Faculty including faculty members, Wendy Irvine, Mark Christiano, Mike Ferfolia, Chris Sutherland, Calvin Beale, Peter Kadar and Anesti Karantakis.

There were also vocal clinics with our faculty members, as well as a clinic with Roland Clinicians, Adrian Marsi, Selyne Maia and Canadian Beatbox Champion KRNFX.

The day was full of exciting events as well as studio tours of world renowned Metalworks Studios and a raffle to win a Roland Lucina AX-09 Performance Synthesizer – special congratulations to Ariel Zaichick.

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