Piano Tips With Davor Jordanovski

Every Friday, YouTube.com/MetalworksTV will feature a new episode of “Piano Tips,” featuring professional pianist and Music Performance & Technology instructor Davor Jordanovski. So far, Davor’s piano tips have included a quick and easy demonstration of the minor pentatonic scale (see below):

Davor Jordanovski has had an extensive career as a pianist. While still a student in Macedonia, Davor was already the featured keyboard player with Macedonian National TV’s Big Band Orchestra. He has been a studio musician for Shania Twain, and has recently worked as a composer/arranger/producer for Sony/BMG, Sound Ideas, Westar Music, MDScoring, Soundscape Productions and BLE Publishing. Davor Jordanovski is also an instructor in the Music Performance & Technology program with our Institute.

Stay tuned every Friday for a new Piano Tips video with Davor Jordanovski, brought to you by our Institute!