Music Theory Rudiments

Music theory is the fundamental language that all musicians use to communicate with each other, and it’s imperative that budding musicians have a strong foundation of knowledge in theory if they wish to take their creative talents to another level. In this course, we will introduce students to the basics of music theory, giving them an introduction to the skills necessary to read and write western music notation, as well as to understand, analyze, and listen to various musical elements. Our course will cover material such as the musical staff, clefs, pitch and rhythm, time signatures, key signatures, scales and basic harmony.



Lesson 1 – The Musical Staff
Lesson 2 – Note Duration & Beats
Lesson 3 – Bars, Bar Lines & Rests
Lesson 4 – Accidentals
Lesson 5 – Major Scales & Major Key Signatures
Lesson 6 – Minor Scales & Minor Key Signatures
Lesson 7 – Chromatic & Whole Tone Scales
Lesson 8 – Pentatonic Scales
Lesson 9 – Intervals
Lesson 10 – Inverted Intervals
Lesson 11 – Triads
Lesson 12 – Constructing Triads and Triad Inversions


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