Music, Art & Culture II

Following up on Music, Art & Culture I, we will begin Part II of our course by continuing our discussion of the Romantic period, focusing initially on the celebrated musical composers of the era, including Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, and Wagner. We will look at the evolution of several important visual art movements, including realism, impressionism, and neo and post-impressionism, through the works of artists such as Monet, Cezanne, Gaugin, and Vincent van Gogh. We will explore the birth of photography and motion pictures, and the subsequent emergence of radio and the phonograph, through the inventive genius of names such as Daguerre, Edison, Tesla, and Marconi. And finally, we will discuss the genesis of the motion picture industry, and the vital work of the earliest film pioneers, including the Lumiere brothers, Melies, Porter, and Griffiths.



Lesson 1: Poets and Painters of the Romantic Era
Lesson 2: The Evolution of Music in the Romantic Era Part 1
Lesson 3: The Evolution of Music in the Romantic Era Part 2
Lesson 4: Visual Art Movements Part 1 – Realism & Impressionism
Lesson 5: Visual Art Movements Part 2 – Neo and Post-Impressionism
Lesson 6: Vincent van Gogh
Lesson 7: The Birth of Photography and Film
Lesson 8: The Development of Film, Radio and the Phonograph
Lesson 9: Dawn of the 20th Century, Part 1
Lesson 10: Dawn of the 20th Century, Part 2
Lesson 11: Georges Méliès
Lesson 12: The Evolution of Film: Porter and Griffith


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