Introduction to the Business of Entertainment

The Introduction to the Business of Entertainment course provides students with an overview of the entertainment industry, including music, film, print media, broadcasting, video games, live entertainment, the internet and online media. During this course students will examine these various segments from a historical perspective and the key technological advancements that have allowed these industries to evolve. Most notably, this course will look at the economic structure of the entertainment industries, current trends that are shaping the future of the entertainment industries and the often conflicted relationship between art and commerce.



Lesson 1: Introduction to the Entertainment Industry
Lesson 2: Overview of the Music Business
Lesson 3: The Recording Industry
Lesson 4: The Radio Broadcast Industry
Lesson 5: The Film Industry
Lesson 6: Filmmaking
Lesson 7: Television
Lesson 8: The Live Event Industry
Lesson 9: The Video Game Industry
Lesson 10: Music Publishing
Lesson 11: The Internet & Online Media
Lesson 12: The World of Advertising


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