Introduction to Sibelius

Sibelius is arguably the most popular score writing software program available today, and is used by many successful composers and arrangers to create and edit songs and musical scores. This course will introduce students to some of the fundamental aspects of Sibelius. From setting up your first score, to learning how to use Sibelius to score a film, you will also learn how to record a performance, customize playback, capture ideas, and mix your arrangement.between art and commerce.



Lesson 1 – Getting Started
Lesson 2 – Note Input
Lesson 3 – Notational Symbols
Lesson 4 – Creating Triplets, Beaming & Adding Instruments
Lesson 5 – Adding Chord Symbols
Lesson 6 – Realising Chord Symbols
Lesson 7 – Adding Lyrics
Lesson 8 – Creating Multiple Parts
Lesson 9 – The Ideas Panel
Lesson 10 – Playback Options
Lesson 11 – Mixing Your Score
Lesson 12 – Film Scoring With Sibelius


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