Introduction to Pro Tools

This course will provide students with an introduction to the Pro Tools audio mixing and editing software. We will provide students with the basic knowledge needed to create a Pro Tools session, from the initial set up to the final mixdown. We will demonstrate how to create your first session and recording, how to import media and record MIDI, how to apply basic mixing and editing techniques, and how to finish your work. No prior experience using analogue or digital audio recorder/editors is necessary, although a basic understanding of recording concepts is encouraged.



Lesson 1 – Digital Audio & Pro Tools Setup
Lesson 2 – Introduction to Editing
Lesson 3 – Introduction to MIDI
Lesson 4 – Recording Audio
Lesson 5 – MIDI Recording
Lesson 6 – Virtual Instruments
Lesson 7 – Editing Part 1
Lesson 8 – Editing Part 2
Lesson 9 – Plugins
Lesson 10 – Mix Preparation & Automation
Lesson 11 – Mixing
Lesson 12 – Putting it all Together


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