Introduction to Ableton Live

Digital audio workstations have evolved over the past 10 years from being a luxury for a few to a popular creative tool for the masses. This course will focus on Ableton Live’s unique and innovative approach to electronic music production, one that differs in key respects to more traditional digital audio workstation programs.  Students will be introduced to the major facets of Live’s interface and views, build confidence and skill in electronic music production through the creation of examples in contemporary styles, and learn specific workflow enhancing techniques to quickly bring their creative ideas to life.



Lesson 1 – Introduction & Essential Concepts
Lesson 2 – Recording & Editing MIDI
Lesson 3 – Recording Audio
Lesson 4 – Warping
Lesson 5 – Creating an Arrangement
Lesson 6 – Drum Racks
Lesson 7 – Effects
Lesson 8 – Using External Controllers
Lesson 9 – Library & Content Management
Lesson 10 – Automation
Lesson 11 – Routing
Lesson 12 – Putting it all Together


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