Ear Training & Critical Listening for Recording Engineers I

Ear Training & Critical Listening for Recording Engineers I provides students with an introduction to the fundamentals of listening, how to optimize your listening environment, and how to identify frequency ranges and effects. During this course students will examine the differences between critical listening and analytical listening through practical application, how to combine critical and analytical listening, and how to develop effective listening techniques.



Lesson 1: The Fundamentals of Listening
Lesson 2: Listening Environments
Lesson 3: The Frequency Spectrum
Lesson 4: Frequency Training 1: Identifying Low, Mid & High Frequencies
Lesson 5: Frequency Training 2: Identifying Advanced Frequency Ranges; Multiple Tones; Musical 
 Instrument Frequency Ranges
Lesson 6: Loudness
Lesson 7: Critical Listening 1: Spectral Balance; Noise Reduction; Loudness; Stereo Width; Bass Levels
Lesson 8: Critical Listening 2: Filters; Reverberation; Volume Changes
Lesson 9: Identifying Effects
Lesson 10: Mixing
Lesson 11: Analytical Listening
Lesson 12: Protecting Your Hearing


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