Digital Distribution

The emergence of the Internet and digital technology has created a dramatic shift in the way music is marketed, distributed, and consumed. Traditional marketing and distribution methods have given way to a new paradigm, whereby artists are using these emerging technologies to drive interest in their music, generate new fans, and distribute and sell their songs and shows. This introductory course will examine the evolution of music distribution, the impact of these new technologies, and look at many of the new tools and techniques that artists are using to take their music to the masses.



Lesson 1 – The History of Distribution
Lesson 2 – The Birth of the MP3
Lesson 3 – Napster
Lesson 4 – File Sharing and Peer-to-Peer
Lesson 5 – Traditional Music Marketing and Distribution
Lesson 6 – Traditional Music Distribution
Lesson 7 – Digital Rights Management
Lesson 8 – iTunes
Lesson 9 – Aggregators
Lesson 10 – Direct-to-Fan Online Platforms
Lesson 11 – Music Streaming Services
Lesson 12 – YouTube and the Future of Music Distribution


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