Acoustic Principles for Recording Engineers

This course will provide students with a broad introduction to the basics of sound, how the human ear works, sound level measurement, and the characteristics of sound, and its behavior, in a variety of different spaces. During this course students will examine the acoustics principles of sound indoors and outdoors, sound isolation as well as the acoustic principles of different instruments and instrument classifications.



Lesson 1: The Physics of Sound
Lesson 2: The Human Ear
Lesson 3: Psychoacoustics
Lesson 4: Sound Level Measurements
Lesson 5: Room Acoustics
Lesson 6: Sound Outdoors
Lesson 7: Sound Indoors
Lesson 8: Sound Isolation
Lesson 9: Studio Design
Lesson 10: Large and Small Room Characteristics
Lesson 11: HVAC Considerations: Noise & Vibrations
Lesson 12: Musical Instruments


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