New Programs Announced: Music Performance and Technology

Music Performance and Technology Programs Designed for Musicians, our five Music Performance & Technology programs are built on a unique concept: to offer the complete range of industry knowledge required to take the art of performance to a professional level. With flexibility and space for personal style, students learn to perfect their business and music performance skills as they master the technologies and computer applications related to their major.

In our brand new campus wing developed specifically for the Music Performance & Technology programs, students will have access to the industry’s finest instruments and the world’s most influential music technologies. They will work with expert instructors in the studio, on the stage and in the classroom.

It takes more than being a good player to succeed as a performer in today’s highly competitive talent market. This educational breakthrough will allow passionate musicians to discover a myriad of opportunities and realize their personal creative ambitions in the real world.

These two year programs feature a combination of lectures, clinics and technical education labs, which provide each student with over 1800 hours of instruction and preparation.

Available Majors
Music Performance & Technology – Bass Guitar Major
Music Performance & Technology – Vocal Major
Music Performance & Technology – Guitar Major
Music Performance & Technology – Drums & Percussion Major
Music Performance & Technology – Keyboard Major

Classes Begin: January 2012

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