JANUARY & SEPTEMBER 2011 Start Dates: Study Professional Sound at Metalworks!

Gain the skills and confidence to get ahead and make your mark in the entertainment world with a Professional Sound diploma from Metalworks Institute.

Professional Sound Programs at Metalworks Institute


For those students seeking a career exclusively in audio, we offer our Professional Sound program. This two-year program, with a curriculum encompassing all aspects of the audio world, from recording, mixing, and engineering inside the studio control room to the live stage, is the professional sound engineer’s ultimate educational experience.

Designed to maximize students’ career opportunities in the multi-faceted music and audio worlds, this program prepares the student for the digital audio future, but does not ignore the essential fundamentals of analog technology. The courseware components of the program encompass everything from pop music production and post-audio for TV, to audio deployment on the internet and the newest digital protocols. The award-winning recording and production history of Metalworks Studios combined with the vast resume of Metalworks’ live event division, has infused this curriculum with a wealth of in-depth knowledge for both in the studio and on live event shows, derived from extensive experience with real-world applications.

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Classes start January & September 2011.

This “double audio” program provides the student with intensive theoretical and practical exercises, and allows hands-on training on industry leading hardware and software in our state-of-the-art digital audio labs and recording studios.

This two year program features a combination of lectures and technical education labs and provides the student with over 1800 hours of instruction and preparation.