Alumni Update: Chris Thompson, Entertainment Business Management

After graduating from the Entertainment Business Management Program at Metalworks Institute in 2015, Chris began his career in music as an assistant artist manager at Watson Entertainment, and an Assistant at I Book Shows.  Since then, he has grown to become a booking agent at I Book Shows, a tour and artist manager at Watson Entertainment, and an artist manager at his own management firm, Electric Boy Entertainment.

Today, Chris represents a roster of four artists between the two companies (Watson Entertainment & Electric Boy Entertainment): Safe As Houses, Navigate the Sky, Running Violet, and Benjamin Dakota Rogers.

He is involved in every facet of the artist’s careers – from administrative, publishing, event planning and execution, international touring and releases, preparing grant applications, preparing and delivering legal documents – and has been the front of line ambassador for Electric Boy at several conferences and showcases.

“My focus at the present is to continually service my artists, continue to establish an ever-growing presence in both domestic and foreign markets and to organically grow the company. Currently I’m in the process of hiring another Artist Manager to expand operations at Electric Boy Entertainment.”


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