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Our Professional Sound & Business (Live Production Major) program is designed for students who wish to expand their career into the creative and technical side of the live event industry as well as a comprehensive study of the music business. With in-depth studies encompassing all aspects of live event production and the art of music business management, this captivating program is an excellent balance between technical sound and lighting skills, as well as the business principles associated with the both the music and live event industries. 

Two Year Diploma
Classes Start: September

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  • Graduates earn a Diploma in Professional Sound & Business with a Live Production major.
  • Full-time, two year program strategically designed to get you thoroughly trained in all aspects live sound and lighting technologies as well as the business of entertainment.
  • Our contemporary program reflects our continuing commitment to comprehensive research and innovative curriculum development.
  • A program that provides a comprehensive mix of quantitative, analytical and strategic skills.
  • Intensive practical experience in the theories and artistic styles used to setup and operate audio and lighting equipment for a variety of live applications.
  • Extensive study and practical hands-on experience in the areas of analog and digital technologies, acoustic principles, concert lighting technologies and electricity and electronics.
  • In addition to progressive business concepts and management practices, this program features topics that offer students a wide array of business disciplines relevant to the entertainment field.
  • Prepare for a career in tour management, concert promotion, live sound, artist management, venue management or system installations.
  • Incredible opportunities to network and collaborate with students in other Metalworks Institute programs.
  • Our exclusive educational partnership with Metalworks Production Group provides students with unprecedented learning environments and networking opportunities.
  • Extensive networking capabilities derived through our educational partnerships with industry leading companies provide the most up to date information on trends and technologies impacting the entertainment industry.
  • All of our full-time diploma programs are approved vocational programs under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005.
  • Live Audio Systems
  • Music Publishing
  • Music Software & Digital Workstation Technologies
  • Tour & Artist Management
  • Internet and Mobile Entertainment
  • Analog and Digital Consoles
  • Concert Lighting Systems
  • Intellectual Properties and Entertainment Contract Law
  • Health & Safety in the Live Event Industry
  • Entertainment Marketing, Promotion and Publicity
  • Financial Principles and Business Development
  • Practical Business Software Technologies
  • Practical Business Communications
  • Business Ethics
  • Acoustic Principles
  • Critical Listening
  • Live Stage Monitoring Systems
  • Electricity and Electronics Principles
  • Show Systems Maintenance
  • Audio Signal Processing Techniques
  • Digital Audio
  • Show System Installations
  • Applicants must have an OSSD or equivalent.
  • Mature applicants are welcome.
  • Acceptance to the program is limited and subject to an academic assessment and acceptance interview.
  • It is also expected that applicants demonstrate keen interest in the technical, creative and business aspects of live music and entertainment; possess creative aptitude and computer literacy.
  • A guide to the application process can be found here.
  • 2 Year Full-Time Program
  • 1680 Hours of Instruction
  • Typical class hours range between 20-22 hours per week
  • 12-15 additional study hours per week are highly recommended

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