The Audio Production & Engineering program incorporates the progressive recording and production skill-sets required to succeed in today’s high-tech audio recording environments. From music creation to music production, this program has been designed to provide you with comprehensive understanding of the ever- evolving world of recording including both large format recording and ‘in the box’ technologies.  The vast experience of Metalworks Studios has infused this curriculum with a wealth of in-depth knowledge, derived from over 40 years of real-world success, resulting in a program designed to optimize your future career opportunities.

One Year Diploma
Classes Start: September

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  • Graduates earn a Diploma in Audio Production & Engineering.
  • Full-time, one year program strategically designed to get you thoroughly trained in all aspects of recorded sound.
  • Intensive practical experience in the theories and artistic styles used to setup and operate recording equipment for a variety of studio applications.
  • Extensive study and practical hands-on experience in the areas of analog and digital recording technologies, acoustic principles, music production, MIDI and audio signal processing applications.
  • Prepare for a career as an audio engineer for music, film and television post-production and digital media.
  • Incredible opportunities to network and collaborate with students in other Metalworks Institute programs.
  • Our exclusive educational partnership with Metalworks Studios provides students with unprecedented learning environments and networking opportunities.
  • All of our full-time diploma programs are approved vocational programs under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005.
  • Recording Engineering & Recording Studio Techniques
  • Music Production
  • Music Software & Digital Workstation Technologies
  • Audio Post-Production for Film and Television
  • MIDI and Synthesis
  • Acoustic Principles
  • Music Theory & Applications
  • Musical Styles & Genres
  • Electricity and Electronics Principles
  • Entertainment Business & Contracts
  • Digital Audio
  • Audio Signal Processing Techniques
  • Employment Strategies
  • Applicants must have an OSSD or equivalent.
  • Mature applicants are welcome.
  • Acceptance to the program is limited and subject to an academic assessment and acceptance interview.
  • It is also expected that applicants demonstrate keen interest in the recording and studio industries, possess creative aptitude and computer literacy.
  • A guide to the application process can be found here.
  • 1 Year Full-Time Program
  • 1020 Hours of Instruction
  • Typical class hours range between 22-26 hours per week
  • 10-12 additional study hours per week are highly recommended

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