Pro Tools 310I: Advanced ICON Mixing Techniques

Pro Tools 310I: Advanced ICON Mixing Techniques focuses on advanced ICON mixing techniques in both music and post-production environments. This course provides comprehensive, hands-on D-Control training, and is offered in several different training options, including expert-level certification. To attain expert-level ICON Mixer certification, you must complete the 3-day ICON training course and pass the optional hands-on certification exam offered at AVID headquarter locations and AVID Training Partner schools.

1-Day ICON Overview 2-Day Advanced ICON Training 3-Day Comprehensive ICON Training Package Optional ½-Day “Hands-On” Certification Exam

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Hours: 3 days (24-30 hours)


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  • Worksurface basics — ICON system components, D-Control configurations and connections, D-Control monitor basics and XMON configuration
  • Navigating tracks on the console — Track display and banking, transport and playback controls, window controls, focusing channels to the center section
  • Session navigation, zooming, and editing techniques — Using the soft key section, using the zoom/navigate section, making selections with D-Control, Edit tools and modes, session management
  • Channel Strip Basics — Channel strip fader controls, channel strip mode controls, global channel strip mode controls
  • Making assignments and controlling pan and sends — Using standard assign mode, using the D-Control assign matrix, display of I/O assignments, interrogating bus and I/O assignments, send control
  • Controlling plug-ins — Assigning and controlling plug-in parameters on a track, Custom Fader plug-in mode, encoder and fader plug-in mapping
  • Tracking with D-Control — Configuring tracks, using remote-controlled mic preamps, inline console mode, using the cue system, AFL/PFL section
  • Custom faders — Custom fader groups mode, Mix/Edit groups mode, Tracks mode, Other custom fader options
  • Mixing and automation basics — Groups and VCA control, enabling automation modes with D-Control, advanced automation workflows
  • Advanced mixing and automation — Trim automation, Preview and Capture modes, snapshots, AutoJoin, mute extend
  • Surround panning — I/O setup and surround outputs, surround panning with encoders, surround panning with the panner option, troubleshooting the panner
  • Advanced layback — Project offset options, speed corrections, creating print master stems using 9-pin deck emulation, creating a machine track arming profile, using Satellite Link with Machine Control

•    Pro Tools 11


•    ICON D-Control (certification) or D-Command (course completion)
•    D-Control Surround Panner or Surround Panner option for Pro Tools (D Command)
•    Pro Tools|HD® 3 Accel



The price for this course includes the Official AVID Pro Tools 310I Courseware.
Certification Exam Fees Not Included.
Official AVID Pro Tools Courseware does NOT include AVID Pro Tools Software.

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