Pro Tools 110: Essentials of Pro Tools

Pro Tools 110: Essentials of Pro Tools provides a more detailed look at the Pro Tools system. This course covers all the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools LE system. The course provides the foundation for the later 200-series Pro Tools Music Production and Post Production courses.

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Hours: 2 days (16-20 hours)


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  • Getting Started – Configuring your Studio & Session
  • Controlling Pro Tools – Understanding and using external controllers
  • Managing session data and media files
  • Recording MIDI and audio – Loop recording & advanced techniques
  • Working with timescales & virtual instruments
  • Working with Elastic Audio
  • Editing & quantizing MIDI and audio
  • Audio editing & file management techniques
  • Additional editing techniques – Region looping, using Beat Detective
  • Automation – Enabling, playing, viewing & editing automation data
  • Mixing – Using sends, returns, plug-Ins, Master Faders & groups

•    Pro Tools 11
•    DigiRack EQ III, Dynamics III, and DVerb
•    AVID D-Fi
•    Xpand!
•    Hybrid
•    Structure LE
•    Eleven LE
•    Smack LE
•    TL Space – Native Edition
•    MP3 Option
•    Smack LE
•    DINR LE
•    DigiTranslator 2
•    X-Form
•    Torq LE
•    Music Production Toolkit 2
•    DV Toolkit™ 2


•    MBox 2 Family
•    003 Family
•    002/003
•    Legacy LE Interfaces (Mbox, Digi 002)
•    Pro Tools|HD
•    Compatible M-Audio Hardware – M-Audio Trigger Finger™ or Axiom Pro keyboard controller recommended


Prerequisite: Basic computer skills, some audio recording knowledge, and basic Pro Tools familiarity. Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools is intended as a prerequisite for taking the 110 course. Passing the 101 exam is required before taking the 110 exam.

The price for this course includes the Official AVID Pro Tools 110 Courseware.
Official AVID Pro Tools Courseware does NOT include AVID Pro Tools Software.

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