Bass Tips With Guenther Kapelle

Every Tuesday, will be rolling out a new Bass Tips video, featuring professional bassist and Music Performance & Technology instructor Guenther Kapelle. Past “Bass Tips” with Guenther Kapelle have included a demonstration of how to utilize an open string bounce while playing the blues shuffle on bass guitar, a demonstration of the chromatic exercise, and how to position your left hand when playing.

Guenther Kapelle is a professional musician who has been playing the bass guitar for over 25 years. In addition to touring and recording with “Wild T & The Spirit,” Guenther has toured and recorded with Ritual Piston, Jimmy O & Code Blue, The Blazers, Jason Buie and Todd Wolfe (Sheryl Crow) throughout North America and Europe. Guenther is also part of the Music Performance & Technology teaching faculty.

Stay tuned every Tuesday for a new Bass Tip from Guenther Kapelle, brought to you by our Institute!