Alumni Update: Thanh Nam Pham, Audio Production and Engineering

Thanh Nam Pham, better known as Grim, graduated from the one year Audio Production and Engineering Program in 2011. An avid film composer, he decided to enroll to learn about the technical side of music production. Furthermore, to hone his skills in the fast-paced studio production environment, he has been focused on obtaining additional Pro Tools certification and has just recently received his Pro Tools 310M (Advanced Music Production Techniques) Expert level certification! The 310M course focuses on the advanced operation of Pro Tools in a professional music production environment. This level of designation is difficult to achieve and allows Grim to be a part of a small group of audio engineers within Canada who hold this level of certification.

Grim has also been writing music for the video game industry, working as a freelance film composer, producer and audio engineer.  Currently, he is working with a range of independent artists and assists them with all of their composition, arrangement and recording needs.

Check out a few excerpts of Grim’s work at