Alumni Update: Shaddy Roman, Professional Sound (Audio Specialist)

Having recently graduated from the Professional Sound (Audio Specialist) Diploma Program at Metalworks Institute, Shaddy Roman used his networking abilities to develop an internship opportunity with Juno Award-winning producer Gavin Brown at Nobel Street Studios in Toronto.

Shaddy joined the team in the summer of 2016 as a Pro Tools editor, as well as assisting Brown in his set up for various studio sessions. During the past six months in working at Noble Street, Shaddy has worked on sessions for artists such as Three Days Grace, Barenaked Ladies, One Bad Son, The Road Hammers and six-time Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Carvin Winans.

During his time at Metalworks, Shaddy built upon his knowledge and skill-set in both the technical side of recording and live sound, and also immersed himself in the business aspects of music. Those two, often-contrasting knowledge sectors have served him well during his tenure at Nobel Street.

“Metalworks gave me the knowledge that I needed to be able to pursue my passion in life. (They) gave us access to the studios in between classes, which helped me to polish my techniques. In addition, the encouraging spirt of the instructors gave me the ability I needed to communicate and to learn.”

Working alongside Brown and engineers Lenny DeRose (Alice Cooper, Celine Dion, Motley Crue, etc.) and David Mohacsi (Barenaked Ladies, Mother Mother, etc.) has been a “dream come true” for Shaddy, saying he can’t wait to grow amongst the team and learn more of his craft.

“Being able to wake up every morning to do what I love passionately is a blessing.”


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