Alumni Update: Mark Schroor, Audio Production & Engineering

Mark Schroor, a graduate of the Audio Production & Engineering Diploma Program, has made a name for himself as a multi-talented performer (drums & keys), record producer, manager, artist development professional, and host of the industry-leading 180 Drums Podcast. Shortly after graduating, he spent a few years as the drummer for Manafest– a childhood hero of his. He has had the opportunity to produce music in the studio with some of his favourite artists, including: Aaron Gillespie (Underoath), Neil Sanderson (Three Days Grace), Kira Isabella, and many others. Most recently he has been performing with Eric Ethridge, Jade Eagleson, and Leah Daniels. If you’re a country music fan, then you may have spotted him drumming with Jade Eagleson at the Boots & Hearts Festival just last weekend! With so many different facets to his work, we just had to interview Mark about his career. As he tells it 

“If I’m not producing music, drumming, or tour managing, I’m hosting the 180 Drums Podcast. We do a weekly show where I invite the worlds’ most successful drummers to have a conversation about their insights and experiences in the music business…. Aside from interviewing all of my favourite drummers, I’ve gotten to drum with some artists I really look up to and respect. When I’m not doing that, I’m helping artists define their goals, building marketing plans [and] release schedules, and anything to help artists succeed.”  

We asked Mark ‘What has been the most helpful aspect of your Metalworks education?’ and this still stands out: “Teaching [us] about multiple revenue streams and drilling Pro Tools into me.”  

Mark also offered some words of wisdom for currents students that hold true no matter what area of the industry you plan to pursue:  

  1. “Build trust. Artists want to work with someone they trust, not someone with cool gear.” 
  2. “Build community. This industry doesn’t have to be cutthroat. If we all work together, there’s room for us all to succeed.” 

We couldn’t agree more! Mark finished up our interview with an invitation to reach out “Please say hello. I’m easy to find on the internet. Insta, FB, at concerts, etc… Thanks Metalworks!”

Make sure to visit Mark’s Website, and check him out on the 180 Drums Podcast:  Having Longevity In Your Drumming Career: Sean Fuller, Drummer For Florida Georgia Line


The Audio Production & Engineering program incorporates the progressive recording and production skill-sets required to succeed in today’s high-tech audio recording environments. From music creation to music production, this program has been designed to provide you with comprehensive understanding of the ever- evolving world of recording including both large format recording and ‘in the box’ technologies.  The vast experience of Metalworks Studios has infused this curriculum with a wealth of in-depth knowledge, derived from real-world success, resulting in a program designed to optimize your future career opportunities.