Alumni Update: Joéllen De Sousa, Music Performance & Technology – Vocal Major

Joéllen De Sousa, a 2017 graduate of the Music Performance & Technology Program – Vocal Major, is off to a great start in her music career; she’s secured an internship at Howl Studios and a spot as the featured vocalist and co-writer of a new track ‘Lessons from Death’ with Toronto rapper Blacka Da Don.

Joéllen first heard about the project ‘Lessons from Death’ while she was still a student. Another Metalworks graduate, Erik Sist, contacted her because Blacka was looking for a female vocalist to feature on one of his songs. Erik was interning at OVO and engineering the record at the time. She was quick to reply and wrote and recorded the chorus section that night. Her work was well-received and she later developed the outro to the song as well.

At Howl Studios, Joellen has been keeping busy and further developing her skills in her internship role. She assists with sessions and has begun doing some administrative work for the Canadian group Deen Squad. In addition to her regular job, Joellen continues to dedicate as much of her time as she can to her own music.

What has been the most helpful aspect of your Metalworks education so far?

“Now that I know how to record myself and produce, it has changed the game for me. I am able to get exactly what I want because I can either do it, or communicate it effectively to a producer or whoever I collaborate with. Since I produce my own demos now, before I hand it off, it gives me more creative control. learning Music Law, and the introduction to entertainment course has helped me tremendously as well.”

Joéllen is currently looking for producers to collaborate with on an upcoming project. Check out her socials if you would like to get in touch or learn more about her music.


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