Alumni Update: Gianmarco Fiacconi, Entertainment Business Management

Gianmarco graduated from the Entertainment Business Management program in 2010 and since then, he has been dedicating his time to playing with two bands. He plays drums, co-manages and books gigs for a 50’s and 60’s cover band, The Dreamboats and plays drums for another band called White Cowbell Oklahoma.

The Dreamboats was created while Gianmarco was studying at the Institute and the band currently books over 70 shows a year across Southern Ontario.

Gianmarco joined White Cowbell Oklahoma shortly after graduating. Since joining the band, Gianmarco has had the opportunity to record and tour Canada and Europe extensively. He is looking forward to a six week European tour with White Cowbell Oklahoma in October 2013 and to more shows with The Dreamboats once he returns.

On the side of The Dreamboats and White Cowbell Oklahoma, Gianmarco teaches music lessons in his free time.

 Check out The Dreamboats and White Cowbell Oklahoma websites for tour dates and latest news!