Alumni Update: Davin Veerasamy, Show Production & Event Management

Since graduating from Metalworks Institute’s Show Production & Event Management Program, Davin has done a plethora of work as a freelance technician in the live event industry with three companies: Soundbox Productions, Westbury National, and Audio with Class.

Davin has worked with Soundbox Productions as a stagehand and audio visual technician. During his time with the company, he has been involved in the rigging setup, audio, lighting, and video for various events. Davin has also had a chance to work with clients that include the Supernatural Television Series Convention, McMaster University, the Hamilton Law Association, the City of Hamilton, and famed astronaut Chris Hadfield.

In addition to freelancing with Westbury National as a stagehand, and performing audio show setups, Davin was later hired by Audio with Class as a monitor engineer. Audio with Class is an up and coming Event Production Company, working primarily with the House of Praise church, hosting some of the biggest gospel concerts in Canada.

During his time at Metalworks, Davin had the chance to speak with fellow MWI graduate Jason Reynolds (’05), who was on campus for a guest lecture. Davin kept in touch with Jason and was invited out to work with him as a stagehand at a local show, after which, he began sending Davin freelancing opportunities.

“Meeting Jason was something I didn’t expect. I had only been in Canada for three years, and didn’t know anyone working in the production area. Jason was one of the first live engineers I’d met in Canada.”

New Year’s Eve 2016, Davin worked with Jason as a stage tech for one of the biggest gospel concerts in Canada, featuring Grammy Award-winning gospel artists Robert Seawright and Shawn Martin from Snarky Puppy, as well as fellow Grammy-winner Kirk Franklin. Additionally, just this past week, Davin worked as an audio technician for reggae artist Shaggy, who is rehearsing for his upcoming European tour.


The live event industry provides an immense array of career opportunities, and our Live Event & Concert Production Program was designed to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and skill-sets required to seize those opportunities. Our exclusive partnership with Metalworks Production Group provides a unique learning environment, offering students access to industry-leading equipment and facilities, preparing them for potential opportunities in music concerts, corporate events, theatrical productions, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and multi-media presentations.