Alumni Update: Aaron Gaistman, Professional Sound

Aaron Gaistman graduated from the Professional Sound program in 2010. He started to work as a house technician at the Blue Moon (a pub in the east end of Toronto) after graduation, before he eventually decided to build his career in post production audio. He then worked for BizMedia, a video production company, where he gained experience with sound design, mixing and composition. After a year-and-a-half at BizMedia, Aaron decided to work freelance in the industry.

Just over a year ago, Aaron founded Toronto Sound with Adam Clark. Today, Aaron runs the post production department at the company and Adam manages location sound services. Over the past year, Toronto Sound has significantly grown to become a premier audio production company in Toronto and provides a full range of services from location sound to post production mixing. To accommodate the company’s growth, Aaron hired fellow Metalworks graduates, Cory Revesz and Quewin Warnasuriya.

Visit the Toronto Sound website.